For Your Parkway

City Plants wants to help you transform the your street with free shade trees for your parkway! A parkway is the space between the sidewalk and the street.

Do you want trees in the parkway in front of your house? Are you willing to water the trees and make sure they survive while they get established in their new home? Do you have grass or open dirt between the sidewalk and the street?

If so, we will come to your house and plant street trees for you!

This program is open to residents of the City of Los Angeles.

Transform Your Street: Sign Up Your Neighbors!

If your whole street needs shade trees, sign up for the Block Leader Program and we will give you forms so that you can sign up all your neighbors. They all must agree to water the trees, especially during the establishment period of 2-5 years. You can all choose the same tree for a more unified look and completely change the feel of your street!


How to Get Your Trees

Step 1: Request Trees from City Plants

Apply on our website.

Step 2: Fill Out The Permission to Plant Form

Once we verify that you live in the City of Los Angeles, we will send you a “Permission to Plant” form.

Step 3: Inspection

A City Inspector will come to your home to determine where (and if) there is room for trees. Depending on the trees in your neighborhood, they will either choose a tree or allow you to choose from a short list based on the size of your parkway.

Step 4: Planting

One of our non-profit planting partners will plant your tree(s) in your parkway for you.

Step 5: Enjoy and Care for Your Trees

Once your trees are planted, they will need water for the first 2-5 years while itheir roots grow into the ground. A little effort now will pay off big in the future!

Adoption Event Rules:

You must be resident of the City of Los Angeles or own property within the City to be eligible to take home a tree. Verification will be required (ID/Driver's License or copy of a DWP utility bill). Supplies are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Limit one adopted tree per property address.

Are you not sure about whether or not you live in the City of LA? Type in your address here to find out! If your address yields information with the council district number, then you are a resident. If your address is not found, you do not reside in the City proper. If you postal address says “ Los Angeles” it is possible that you live in an unincorporated area of LA County, meaning that your neighborhood is not a part of an official city.

Why Plant Trees on Your Street?

Is your street a little too hot and a little too bland?

Planting trees on your street is a great way to save money and make your neighborhood look better at the same time!

Trees cool down your house and your yard, reducing the amount of energy you need to keep your home cool, and saving you money.

Houses on tree-lined streets can sell for more money than similar houses on streets without trees.

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