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Thank you for opting to apply for free yard trees through our new Free Trees LA Portal. This portal is intended to be intuitive and easy to use, with simple instructions provided at each step. You can also view the instructions at any time by clicking the Help button. 

The beta version is optimized for use with the latest version of the Chrome browser on PCs or laptops. Please allow pop-ups for this site ( Instructions to enable pop-ups can be found here


Once you login, you will be guided through the following steps to capture the information required to calculate energy savings results from the trees you order:

Step 1 - Submit information about yourself and your house, which will be used to optimize your energy savings.


Step 2 - Using your mouse, adjust the corners of the red box on the map to outline your home or building. Click the green icon inside the red box when you're done to save and proceed to the next step.


Step 3 - Select trees you wish to order and create your planting plan that optimizes your energy savings.


Step 4 - Review and/or print your plan to complete the ordering process. You will be notified on the progress of your order.


Step 5 - Complete our customer feedback survey so we can continue to improve this new portal


If you have any questions or issues during this process, please call (213) 473-9950, and City Plants’ Program Assistant will help you with the process.


For more information on how energy savings are calculated, click here.


For a summary of known issues for this beta release, click here.



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